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Privacy Policy
Any personal details that you submit via is used only for the purposes of communicating in relation to website and/or actorpage enquiries, sales, or to update clients about expiry dates, renewals or fee information. We only retain names, email addresses or other contact information for existing clients. All details are kept secure and are not sold, harvested or shared with any third party other than what you permit on your website or actorpage.

Details of previous clients are retained for a maximum of 5 years. Details of potential customers through enquiries are retained for 12 months in case of a follow up by the enquirer.

Payment Information or Details:
As we primarily encourage payment securely by PayPal, no banking details are needed or taken. We do also accept payment by bank transfer and only details permitted by your bank during the transfer are seen by us.

Competition Entries & Winners:
For winners of a free actorpage, the information outlined in the first paragraph of the Privacy Policy applies. For entries from unsuccessful applicants, any personal information relating to name, email address or otherwise contained in the entry will be delated one week after a winner is announced.