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Privacy & Cookie Policy:
We take clients privacy very seriously and respect that although we are in the business of promoting people on the internet, it is only the information that they chose to share and the remainder stays private. Any contact between our clients and ourselves, be that email, telephone or messaging is just that, between ourselves. We do not share any information or details with any third party over and and beyond what is published on the clients actorpage or website.

What are cookies?

Online cookies are unfortunately not of the edible variety. 'Cookie' is geek speak for a small snippet of text that a website places in your browser (the application you use to browse the web, like Safari or Internet Explorer) to track what you do when you visit it.

The original term used by computer programmers was 'fortune cookie', because a cookie is designed to 'read your fortune' by remembering who you are and some basic information about your browsing history.

You probably have dozens, if not hundreds of cookies lurking behind the scenes on your browser.

For example, if you've ever had to type a username and password to gain access to a site, you may have noticed that the site somehow remembered your username. That's a cookie's work.

If you've indulged in a spot of online shopping, when you return to the site at a later date you'll notice that it has remembered everything about you, including the personal information you've shared and the items you've purchased or put into a shopping cart. Cookies are responsible for this, too.

What we collect from Cookies:
Nothing! We believe that if you want us to know something, you'll tell us.

Emails and Web forms:
All of our websites have some form of contact option, be it email or web form. email addresses are purely for us to contact you in reply to any query, information or advice you may have sought. If you have purchased a service from us, we only use your email to advise you of renewals, updates to service or request information. We DO NOT harvest emails, sell, trade or pass on your email addresses. We may from time to time send you information of special offers or promotions we have, but these will be an absolute minimum.

Google, Bing and similar services:
We do register all our websites with Google and Bing among others which is purely to monitor the websites performance, they do not collect any personal data. Data from these sources allows us to monitor the number of hits each page has, the country of the hits and how each page is performing. Using that information, it allows us to improve the way a page or website looks or performs

For more information on Cookies, how they work and your rights, please visit The Information Commissioners Office website
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